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Zaocznik.ORG Essay Writer
In February of 2002, a pair of English majors from Williams College, the top liberal arts institution in the U.S., pooled their experiences. One had been teaching language arts in the California public schools and tutoring college students in writing. The other had worked as an admissions essay consultant before landing a job as an editor for a small publishing company. Together, they created Standout Essays.

Over the past three years, the founders of Standout Essays have enjoyed watching their small company develop. We have worked with editors from top institutions across the country. However, even as Standout Essays continues to grow, our commitment to provide outstanding, personalized service will remain our number one priority.

Because of its connections to tutoring, Standout Essays offers a different approach than most editing companies. We believe that individual guidance in writing is one of the best and only ways to improve as a writer. Unlike sites that sell pre-written essays or provide draft rewriting, our editors work with writers to improve content and overall expression. Each editor preserves and enhances the writer's ideas by improving phrasing, organization and grammar. The critique allows editors to give valuable feedback, explain revisions, and offer further suggestions. We love to hear customers come back and say that not only were they extremely proud of their finished essay, but they also learned a lot about writing in the process.
Our commitment to our clients has earned us countless repeat customers and a tremendously high customer satisfaction rating. We look forward to giving you the same unparalleled level of service that our clients have come to appreciate and expect.


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